Syrma Receives ATEX Certification for RFID Transponders

San Jose, California, USA – September 18, 2008: Syrma SGS Technology, a leader in electronic design and manufacturing services serving global OEMs, announces that its RFID tags are now ATEX certified for use in potentially explosive environments. Syrma supplies transponder tags used in the LP gas distribution industry. ATEX certification is a critical requirement to ensure safety and support the requirements of the major gas distribution OEMs in India and worldwide. The ATEX certification confirms that Syrma’s RFID transponder products have been found to comply with essential health and safety requirements per Directive 94/9/EC and have been assured by compliance with EN 60079-0:2006 and EN 600079-7:2007. This assures users that the products comply with essential health and safety requirements relating to the design and construction of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Syrma’s manufacturing quality systems in their Chennai facility fully comply with the Annex VII of the directive. They’ve considered every possible electrical or non-electrical source of ignition and, at the same time, considered all potentially hazardous environments a product could operate in. the different ways it could be applied, and the technical ability of the person using the product. Syrma’s RFID products include passive tags in 125 and 13.56 MHz frequencies. They’re produced in a flexible manufacturing model, enabling support of low-volume custom tag requirements to mid/high-volume applications. “This certification enables our products to support the improved automation and logistics management of the LP gas distribution industry. Achievement of ATEX certification further enables our customers to support the demands of the ever-expanding domestic India and global RFID automation deployments in potentially hazardous environments. They can have the added confidence that Syrma RFID transponders follow the most stringent EU safety standards,” said Sreeram Srinivasan, Syrma’s CEO. About Syrma SGS Technology Syrma provides global OEMs with electronic manufacturing services (EMS), backed by strong engineering expertise, to reduce risk and costs on product designs and manufacturing. From RFID technology and power electronics to turnkey manufacturing services and custom magnetics, we deliver high-mix, flexible volume products for automotive, computing, industrial, medical, power, and telecom companies. Within the last decade, we’ve helped design, manufacture, and market more than 200M products worldwide. Syrma is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tandon Group, a technology holding group that has grown multiple technology companies since 1975. To learn more about this topic, please contact us.