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What does the future hold for Electric Vehicle Telematics?

Telematics is the use of telecommunications to provide information about the status and location of a vehicle. Telematics can be used to monitor a vehicle’s location, speed, fuel level, engine diagnostics, and other parameters. Vehicle telematics is a relatively new technology that has been around the market for less than 10 years. It has been […]

Industry trends in PCB design

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) impact our lives in more than one way, in fact touching every moment of our lives – from mobile phones we wake up to each morning to geysers, toasters, cars, laptops, treadmills, food processors, televisions, entertainment systems, lighting consoles, massagers and everything else we touch and experience, there is a PCB […]

E-seal tags – A Digital Innovation in the Logistics Industry to ensure Container Safety!

“Staying safe and secure” has to be the unofficial tagline for the last decade and the current one. Be it the confidential information on our phones or the banking details that are saved in our notes, security and privacy of data have been the topic of concern for most people. Large enterprises like Apple, Google […]

Designing Custom Magnetic Components for Electronics

Many resources discuss microprocessors, semiconductors, and transistors; however, few explain the functions of the magnetic components.

Quality Control and Processes that ensure quality in EMS

We are surrounded by devices and electronic gizmos in our life and each of them, without exception, depend on electronics – from mobile phones to game consoles to cars to kitchen appliances to entertainment devices, and more. Powering all of these are complex printed circuit board assemblies which house the various active and passive components. […]

RFID applications – Revolutionizing Automation


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology with various applications across domains – managing manufacturing processes, inspection of equipment, assets, supply chains, logistics, and tracking of goods right till consumption. In recent times, the technology has made a huge impact on process automation systems by enabling tagging and tracing of different units across the manufacturing […]