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Battery Management System: Reference Design for High Voltage systems

Introduction: Battery Management system (BMS) is an electronic system considered to be the brain of the battery packs. The two main functions of the BMS are safety protection and energy management. These are essential to manage the operational & safety parameters of the battery pack over the expected lifetime. The BMS estimates the state of […]

The future of miniaturization in wearable products

Wearables is among the fastest growing domains in consumer goods, and one that depends extensively on miniaturization in electronics. Consumers are getting increasingly dependent on smartphones and smart watches with extensive features – those that track their daily walking steps, display health parameters, book appointments, deliver emails and more. Then there are those earbuds that […]

Smart Meters

Digitization has revolutionized several sectors and continues to disrupt several others. The power sector has been one which has witnessed this transformation. How we consume and monitor usage of electricity has significantly transformed over the last 10 years. Electromechanical meters have made way for smart and intelligent meters. Let us understand the various aspects of […]

Choosing the Right Partner in Times of Component Shortage

  The rising content of electronics in devices, vehicles and machines coupled with the unprecedented component shortage situation puts a lot of global manufacturers’ supply chains at risk. Most components, particularly the actives are in short supply, at lead times of 30-60 weeks and at dramatically higher prices. Manufacturers of electronic assemblies need to choose […]

Syrma SGS exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Tamil Nadu

Syrma SGS Technology Limited has exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Tamil Nadu at the recently held Investment Conclave – July 2022 “Tamil Nadu – Investors First Port of Call” in Chennai. Our CEO, Dr. Sreeram Srinivasan exchanged the MoU in the presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. M. […]

How RFID Solutions Improve Railway Management

RFID technology began showing up on railcars in the mid-1980s. The technology was used to track the delivery of products from one location to another.

Designing Electromagnetic Components for Aerospace

Aerospace has developed, essentially, a separate field of magnetics that relies on many different electrical systems and components.

Selecting a Wireless Remote Home Security System

Using a wireless remote home security system is an excellent choice since these systems tend to be easy to install on your own and don’t require drilling.

Generating Smart Green Energy for Smart IoT Factories

Under the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, increasing energy efficiency, especially for factories, is one such initiative that estimates spending on energy efficiency will cross over $6.2T by 2030 and $16.7T by 2040.

Benefits of India’s Phased Manufacturing Program

India implemented its Phased Manufacturing Program (PMP) in 2015. The program aims to increase the domestic production of mobile phone handsets.