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NFC & RFID Technology for Smart Payment Rings

NFC smart payment rings offer an efficient, secure way to make transactions. Users hold their hand over a tag reader.

Syrma Pioneered Success in Untapped Rural Bargur

While urban workers in Chennai, population 4.4 million, we’re steering away from machine or assembly labor, a significant number of our employees lived far outside the city limits in Bargur.

IoT-Based Technology Protects the Marine Environment

Oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface and include deep oceans to coastal reefs, from mudflats to seagrass beds, ocean, and marine systems. This unique marine environment provides us with food and oxygen, along with carbon capture for climate mitigation and renewable energy.

Designing RFID Solutions for Extreme Conditions

Construction, landscaping, and other industries often use extreme RFID tags in harsh weather conditions for tracking equipment.

Demand for Manufacturing Smartphones in India Rises

India’s smartphone market has drastically changed over the past few years. While most phones are currently only assembled in India and not manufactured.

RFID Provides Better Hospital Equipment Tracking

When patient volume is high, hospitals have a big demand to meet. The best way to achieve better hospital workflow is with better equipment tracking.

India is Emerging as a Global Manufacturer for Startups

It almost goes without saying how the entire tech world is fueled by aggressive startups, striving to bring next-generation innovations to market.

NFC & RFID Contactless Access Control Solutions

In physical and information security, access control restricts access to a place or other resource.