Syrma CEO Discusses India’s Electronics Future at ELCINA

San Jose, California, USA – October 4, 2017: Syrma SGS Technology, a leader in Indian electronic design and manufacturing services serving global OEMs, played a prominent role at a panel discussion presented at the Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA) conference held in New Delhi on September 13, 2017. Marking the influential organization’s 50-year Golden Jubilee, the theme of this year’s conference was Electronics for Humanity. Syrma’s CEO Sreeram Srinivasan was invited to participate with other notable senior business leaders in the session entitled “The Road Ahead for Electronics Manufacturing,” outlining industry objectives for India’s future prominence in the electronics sector. Most ELCINA panelists expressed their position that continued subsidies and other generous government incentives were the primary means for Indian manufacturers to compete head-to-head with their Chinese counterparts in export electronics. By contrast, Sreeram asserted that India is currently underselling what should be a major international selling point: added design and engineering expertise. Where Chinese manufacturers have achieved a reputation for high-volume assembly of product designs created elsewhere, India can leverage its formidable engineering resources to develop or enhance original OEM product designs in advance of the production floor. Thanks to India’s strong cultural emphasis on STEM education and prolific technical universities, India offers OEMs value-added end-to-end design and manufacturing solutions. Following the conference’s central theme of Electronics for Humanity, the panel segued to Indian manufacturers’ current and future role in protecting society from two looming threats, preserving our fragile natural environment while helping defend against crime and terrorism. Sreeram brought to light a few sobering statistics:
  • India presently accounts for 6.78% of global carbon emissions while ranking third behind China and the US in worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 13 of the world’s most industrially polluted cities are in India, with air quality-related ailments growing among adults and children, while overall average life expectancy is dropping.
  • Groundwater tables within India are shrinking, with a current projected loss of 50% by 2030.
  • Domestic terrorist attacks in India are on the rise, with 927 incidents claiming 17% more victims in 2016.
Innovative solutions to these important issues alone are estimated to represent a $100B opportunity over the next decade. India’s electronics sector needs to be at the forefront and help engage these problems head-on and develop electric vehicles (EV) and solar alternatives to reduce air pollution and develop smart water management technologies for more efficient treatment and irrigation. They also need to lead in advanced technology solutions for surveillance and security at borders and airports. About Syrma SGS Technology Syrma provides global OEMs with electronic manufacturing services (EMS), backed by strong engineering expertise, to reduce risk and costs on product designs and manufacturing. From RFID technology and power electronics to turnkey manufacturing services and custom magnetics, we deliver high-mix, flexible volume products for automotive, computing, industrial, medical, power, and telecom companies. Within the last decade, we’ve helped design, manufacture, and market more than 200M products worldwide. Syrma is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tandon Group, a technology holding group that has grown multiple technology companies since 1975. To learn more about this topic, please contact us.