We provide printed circuit board (PCB) assembly from our multiple manufacturing facilities. There are multiple Fuji SMT lines at our facilities. We manufacture boards up to 500x450mm with ceramic, flex, and rigid substrate board types. We also provide solder paste inspection, wave soldering, potting, conformal coating, back-end assembly, and testing. We invest in state-of-the-art electronic product assembly equipment that provides optimal capacity utilization, passing savings in time and cost to our customers.

PCBA Capabilities

  • Fine pitch placement up to 12 mil
  • Component ranges from 01005 BGA and uBGA, CSP up to 55 mm sq
  • ±25 micron placement accuracy with 3-Sigma capability
  • Board size: 534 x 610 mm
  • Board types: Rigid, Flex, Ceramic Substrate
  • SMT assembly in class 10k and dust-free zone
  • N2-enabled reflow soldering machines to produce high reliable solder joints
  • End-to-end traceability systems
  • Through-hole component assembly and dedicated product assembly line for volume builds
  • End-to-end traceability systems

PCBA Manufacturing Equipment

  • Screen printers – MPM Accuflex
  • Placement machines – Fuji, Universal, Yamaha
  • SPI Machines – Cyber Optics, KY 3020T
  • Reflow ovens – Electrovert, Heller
  • AOI – Cyber Optics, Agilent, Viscom, KY, Vitrox
  • Router/depanelizer (manual & automatic systems)
  • Traceability software – Fuji Trax
  • Conformal coating and UV check chambers
  • BGA repair station

Test Equipment

  • In Circuit Testers – Kyoritsu, Tescon
  • Manufacturing Defect Analyzers – TRI
  • 3D X-ray Inspection Systems
  • Customized automated test equipment
  • Environment & thermal shock chamber
  • Coordinate measuring machine – Mitutoyo
  • Profile projector (125Khz LCR meter)
  • Solder paste viscosity meter & height measurement
  • Video measuring machine
  • Vibration & bump tester

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