RFID Tag & Inlays

We offer a complete catalog of high-performance LF/HF/UHF epoxy or silicone tags designed for extended use under even the harshest conditions, along with air coil/ferrite transponders available in glass or clear laminate encapsulations. This broad spectrum of sizes and form factors promises to offer the perfect choice for embedded or external tagging of any asset or product. We also design multi-protocol, custom-made RFID readers compatible with standard tags and connect with iOS and Android devices. Talk to us about developing a custom tag to your specifications.

What We Do



Collaborative design engineering and design for RFID manufacturing services.


Precision manufacturing capability that is competitive and fast-to-market for RFID.



Product innovations in custom RFID and related IoT technologies.

Custom RFID solutions, optimized for IoT applications

  • Designs, engineers, and manufactures industry standard tags & inlays in different form factors for applications in LF (ISO 11784), HF (ISO 14443 / ISO 15693), UHF (EPC Gen 2) and Active RFID (433 MHz / 2.4 GHz)
  • Turn-Key solutions for different RFID implementations with Tags, Readers and Customized Software
  • Provides reliable, automated asset management and transaction systems to reduce expenditure and waste.
  • Supports complex IoT implementation by empowering assets to communicate with each other and reduce complexities inherent to manual application.
  • Integrates with smart devices, cattle, vehicle, furniture, machinery, computers, supplies, and more increased reliable data accuracy.
  • Extensive range of harsh environment tags and miniature tags as small as 3mm
  • More than 50 off-the-shelf products, including tag, label, wristband, injectible, molded, glass and other form factors

Extensive RFID Experience

Custom Designed

90% of our products sold are custom designed

Tiny Sizes

Extensive range of mini & high precision tags as small as 3mm

High Volume

Scalability to support high volume requirements. Currently manufactures 15 million tags per month

Many Form Factors

More than 50 off the shelf tags in many form factors

Producing since 1990

Design & production experience since 1990

Satisfied Customers

Produced RFID tags for more than 200 customers

RFID Specialists

Custom design services led by experienced RFID engineers & specialists


Reader solutions include 13.56MHz USB reader & smartphone or tablet audio port compatible UHF reader

Syrma RFID Solutions


Medical sample management & laboratory operations

Medical tags requiring sterilization


Animal ID

Biomedical implants


Vehicle ID

Automotive Components Tracking


Solar Module Tracking


Electronic Toll Collection

Parking and access control



Product authentication

Laundry, garment & textile tracking

Small-item identification

Work-in-process tracking

Tire tracking


Industrial logistics

Pallet & wood products

Waste management


High Temperature / High Strength

Harsh Environments

perfect ID

Perfect ID Products

Perfect ID, a Syrma SGS group company, offers almost every size and every type on the market. Please check our wide range of Perfect ID products for your RAIN/UHF/NFC product requirement.