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Quality Control and Processes that ensure quality in EMS

We are surrounded by devices and electronic gizmos in our life and each of them, without exception, depend on electronics – from mobile phones to game consoles to cars to kitchen appliances to entertainment devices, and more. Powering all of these are complex printed circuit board assemblies which house the various active and passive components. […]

The future of miniaturization in wearable products

Wearables is among the fastest growing domains in consumer goods, and one that depends extensively on miniaturization in electronics. Consumers are getting increasingly dependent on smartphones and smart watches with extensive features – those that track their daily walking steps, display health parameters, book appointments, deliver emails and more. Then there are those earbuds that […]

India’s Ability to Gain Global Manufacturing Clients

Sreeram Srinivasan, CEO, Syrma SGS Technology, talks about the impact of COVID on the global manufacturing industry.

Dealing with the Pandemic Transforms Work-Life Culture

With the COVID-19 lockdown being relaxed in phases, companies are gearing up and re-aligning themselves to bag opportunities that are set to arise out of this pandemic scenario. The trends to emerge in the market post-COVID-19 will involve adding intelligence to products and convergence of technologies.