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Rapid Development of Ventilators for COVID-19 Patients

Most notably, the global demand for ventilators has risen by up to 10 times this year. Many manufacturers have already boosted their production by 30-50%, and they can’t deliver the 500 or 1,000% growth in production required.

Syrma Manufactures Medical-Grade Power Supply

Syrma SGS Technology announced its increased capacity to manufacture medical-grade power supplies and other life-saving equipment. The need for well-equipped medical facilities is expanding globally due to an increase in chronic and infectious diseases, like COVID-19, along with a growing elderly population.

Growing Global Demand for Medical-Grade Power Supplies

Healthcare technologies are evolving in tandem, such as monitoring data, registering patients, and tracking lab tests. There’s also been an increase in demand for portable devices that are used for in-home care. As a result, the rise in healthcare equipment and portable medical devices will increase the demand for more medical-grade power supplies.